On this page, I’ll compile the various creative projects I work on during my personal time. If I feel like the project is worth sharing, I’ll add it to the list. If you use any of them, I’d love to hear from you about how they work out and/or if you experience any issues. Enjoy! *The images are links to the creations.*


June 2018

DigitalAcademicPlanner_ErikaRomeroDigital Academic Planner – Colorful

In May, I started experimenting with creating my own digital planner. Basically, it’s a hyperlinked PDF created in Keynote that functions when used in PDF annotator apps like Good Notes. I themed my June 2018 blog posts to be all about digital planner tips and resources, as academic planners begin in July. This planner is set up from July-June, has four blank sections for projects, and three blank sections for whatever you want to use them for. Here are the two blog posts I’ve posted that are all about customizing digital planners using Good Notes (one and two). Note: The PDF will work with other annotator apps, but I’m only familiar with Good Notes and therefore focused my instructions on that particular app. Use YouTube to find out more tips and tricks about this app and any others you might be more familiar with.


DigitalAcademicPlanner2_ErikaRomeroDigital Academic Planner – Grayscale

This planner is set up exactly like the one listed above. However, I used a grayscale design for the tabs in this planner, rather than the colorful tabs of the one above. It has a slightly more professional and gender-neutral look, in case that’s something you want from a digital planner. As mentioned above, here are my two blog posts about customizing a digital planner (one and two). Note: YouTube will be your best friend for finding out more tips and tricks about using Good Notes or any other annotator app you might use.