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A Bit About Me



Hello! My name is Erika Romero and I am currently working on my PhD in English Studies at Illinois State University. My area of specialization is children’s and young adult literature (ChYALit), and I have a particular interest in this field’s connection to both pedagogy and fandom. I’ve created this website as a platform to share my thoughts and experiences related to my academic life. Along with this site, I also use Twitter to discuss topics related to my research and teaching. The domain name for this site is inspired by my Twitter handle, @ChYALitPhantom. So, without further ado, welcome and feel free to explore!


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A Bit About This Site



The blog will include various types of posts. At this point, the plan is to update it with a new post on a bi-weekly basis. Here is a basic list of post types, subject to change as I continue to update. If you have any suggestions, please let me know via the contact widget.

  • Book reviews
  • Discussions of ChYALit news and scholarship
  • Discussions of ChYALit adaptations (TV shows, movies, games, etc.)
  • Discussions of ChYALit fandoms (fanfic, fanvids, fanart, cons, etc.)
  • Teaching resources and activities
  • Resources found online (general ChYALit, teaching, research)
  • Descriptions of projects I’m working on
  • Guest posts/interviews by others interested in ChYALit and fandom



The main page for this section includes a list of my past work experience tied to teaching. The subpages under this section include descriptions of the courses I’ve taught (i.e. course goals, booklists, assignments, etc.) and resources I’ve found and created for them, along with a description of my current teaching philosophy on the last subpage.



The main page for this section lists the non-teaching academic work I’ve done that doesn’t fit neatly into the “conferences” or “publications” subpages. As the titles suggest, the first two subpages include an annotated list of the conference presentations I’ve given and my work that has been published. The final subpage will soon be updated with my research statement.



On this page, I provide access to the various, completed, creative projects I work on during my personal time. If I feel like the project is worth sharing, I’ll add it to the list. If you use any of them, I’d love to hear from you about how they work out and/or if you experience any issues. You can use Twitter, the contact form on my sidebar, and/or a comment on the blog posts that I’ll likely write in connection to each project.